The London Jam and Improvathon

A week-long festival of improvised comedy and theatre culminating in the 10th annual 50-hour London Improvathon

Ken Campbell

One of the most important periods of Extempore's history was its 5-year collaboration with the late, great Ken Campbell

Show creation

Shows that have come out of Extempore include Rhapsodes, The Society of Strange, The London 50-hour Improvathon and the Olivier award-winning Showstoppers


Winner of three Off West End Awards in 2012, including Best New Musical

Showstopper! The Improvised Musical

Showstopper! The Improvised Musical – the first improvised show ever to be nominated for an Olivier Award.

The Showstoppers

This is a troupe of highly versatile improvisers, musicians and technicians, brought together by Extempore, now spun off into their own production company Showstopper Productions


A show specialising in 'hard bardics', extemporising poets and playrights, especially Shakespeare

The London Improvathon

Taking long-form to a new level, these 50-hour shows push improvisers to their limits of endurance and creativity

New Writing

Extempore has developed several scripted shows, including the musical Burlesque and Tailor-Made Man
Extempore is devoted to innovation and improvisation in the theatre. Artistic director Adam Meggido; Creative director Dylan Emery.