Best Men and Between Women

By Adam Meggido and Alex McSweeney

Two plays
By two different writers
About the same people

photographs by Paul Cronin


‘These two brisk comedies about marital doubts and false friends employ sharp, combative dialogue to provide an amusingly fresh summer evening’s entertainment for metropolitan audiences not making their way to Edinburgh.’

The Stage

‘A droll daisy-chain of confidential duologues … the actors beautifully negotiate the lurches between pissed portentousness, cackling hilarity and a shared fear of being full of shit … humour and insight … a piquant contrast between male and female notions of solidarity.’

The Independent

‘Reveals Meggido as Britain’s answer to Wallace Shawn … plus the delightful stand-up comedienne Laura Patch whose knowing Vicky is a potential leggy blonde of choice.’

What’s On

‘Watching other people’s stag dos and hen nights is rarely entertaining despite the fact the participants often believe they’re the funniest thing this side of a Perrier Award. But Best Men, the first in this double bill following the events leading up to the wedding of Pete and Anita from groom and bride’s respective perspective, turns expectations on their head and makes the stag night the funniest scene … Adam Meggido, who has written the piece and plays Alex, seems to become more confident in both roles as the play progresses. By the time we see him at the stag, breaking up a gloriously uncoordinated brawl between his inebriated mates (Jack Murray and Alex McSweeney, who has an infectious drunken giggle) both dialogue and acting are hitting their stride … Anna Bolt (Fiona) and Laura Patch (Vicky) in particular, bring warmth to their characters.’

Time Out

‘McSweeney excels as Tom, a kind of bargain-basement Iago.’

The Independent

‘Razor-sharp precision …theatre at its sweatiest, smelliest best.’

Ms London

‘Alex McSweeney’s sly trouble-maker Tom is happy to use anyone for his own devious ends, delivering insidious killer cliches like a seasoned poker player … bride-to-be Anita, beautifully portrayed by Francesca Rowan.’

The Stage

‘Desperate texts, desperate sex. Don’t mention blusher. Don’t mention Brighton. Don’t mention Brad. Just fasten your seatbelts for a bumpy night.’

Ms London


Best Men

Written and Directed by Adam Meggido
Alex McSweeney
Adam Meggido
Jack Murray

Between Women

Written and Directed by Alex McSweeney
Anna Bolt
Kate Miles
Laura Patch
Francesca Rowan
Set design by John Marsh
Costume design by Mia Flodquist
Lighting design by Mark Dymock
Sound design by Amoa Umwembe
Stage manager Tomoko Matsumoto
Photographs by Paul Cronin
Press and publicity by Kevin Wilson
Sponsored by Impact Pictures
Supported by: Starbucks Free Barrabas

Best Men and Between Women played at The Hen and Chickens Theatre, Islington. August 2005.

Photographs by Paul Cronin

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