The End of the Sentence

By Jeremy Freeson

Sasha, a young lawyer, is approached by charismatic bandit, Sergei Medvedev. Recently escaped from prison with a series of fresh raids behind him, Medvedev’s connections leave Sasha with little choice but to delve into the mysteries of the criminal’s past and construct his legal defence.

The ensuing investigation brings Sasha face to face with victims across the city – from Georgian marketeers to Romany gypsies. Questions immediately surface. What role did Medvedev actually play in these crimes? Who is the ‘fellow countryman’ paying Sasha on Medvedev’s behalf? Uncertain of the truth and embroiled in a dangerous game, the lawyer soon becomes aware of a new relationship forming – between his wife and his enigmatic client.

Rich in the atmosphere of Russian folklore, The End of the Sentence is a psychological thriller inspired by real events. It is also a jigsaw puzzle that fits together in more than one way.


Performed at The Finborough Theatre July 15th – August 9th 2003. SUPPORTED BY LONDON ARTS


‘Beautiful and hypnotic … captures and hold the attention with a believable and chilling picture of the power of the amoral criminal mind … Adam Meggido’s direction moves the play fluidly through a series of scenes and sustains the tone of growing menace.’

The Stage

‘The mystery and intrigue created by Freeson’s script is gripping … Strong performances … Jason Simmons exudes sinister charm. Ben Nealon is suitably bewildered as Sasha and there’s a convincing study of bad-boy worship from Samia Rida as Valentina.’

What’s On

‘Compelling … The air bristles with sexual tension’

Time Out

‘Freeson’s rich dialogue is in flowing English, but tinted with the distinctive cadences of a melodic Russian. The actors bring this flavour out superbly … Suffused with the dark themes of obsession, mind games, and the terrible remorselessness of the professional killer … a powerful and moving production.’




William Arthur
Jiggy Bhore
Liz Hallyburton
Ben Nealon
Samia Rida
Jason Simmons
Stuart Slavicky
with Scott Knight, Tigram Manukan and Chaden Wilson-Groves
Directed by Adam Meggido
Set design by John Marsh
Costume design by Mia Flodquist
Lighting design by Mark Dymock

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