Terror 2007

Theatre of Horror and Grand Guignol.

Plays, magic, cabaret and other oddities for the Halloween season.

Old and new plays of the Grand Guignol.

An event which split the critics (enraged many), drove some of its audience out of the theatre, caused others to faint, and was nominated for a Peter Brook Empty Space Award.


‘Well written, impressively executed, irredeemably revolting stuff.’

Time Out

‘An entertaining night out which mixes the gruesome and the giggly to good effect.’

The Guardian

‘Titillating schlock-horror.’

Evening Standard

‘Fast becoming one of the highlights of my theatrical year. A real delight.’

The Stage

‘A real gem. Horribly good.’


‘I’ve never seen an audience shudder and hide their eyes as here.’


‘Pick of the bunch is Ravenhill’s Ripper; with a new twist on the theory of royal involvement in the Ripper murders it offers up a vision of a Queen Victoria (Bette Bourne, scrumptious) in fluffy slippers and a butcher’s apron. Dripping gore and Wildean epigram, it is a clever, transgressive skit on power, empire and history that in its final moments, as it looks forward to the 20th century, generates a genuine chill.’

Lyn Gardner – The Guardian

Noel Coward’s – The Better Half

Written for London’s Grand Guignol in 1922 and seen here for the first time in 85 years.

With Federay Holmes, Will Barton and Nikki Leigh Scott
Directed by Adam Meggido

Kiss Of Death By Francis Neilson and Jean Aragny

In a new translation by Tristan Langlois

With John Fairfoul, Howard Teale, Nikki Leigh Scott and Lucy Shaw
Directed by Ben DeWynter

Ripper By Mark Ravenhill

With Bette Bourne, Tim Samuels, Oliver Senton and Laura Martin Simpson
Directed by Tamara Harvey

Guns Or Butter By Lucy Kirkwood

With Thomas McGairl, Irfan Hussain, Liam Smith and Matt Pearson
Directed by Tamara Harvey

Sweetmeat By Darren Ormandy

With Oliver Senton and Siobhan O’Kelly
Directed by Sarah Chew

Cast And Crew

With hosts Angus Brown as ‘Psychic Dave’ and Remy Betrand.

Presented by The Sticking Place and The Union Theatre
Set designers Ellan Parry and Robyn Wilson
Costume designer Ellan Parry
Assisted by Michelle Tilling and Sharon Bourke
Lighting designer Steve Miller
Stage Manager Stuart Slavicky
Operator Tomoko Matsumoto
Original music composed and recorded by Stephen Daltry
Titles and digital video sequences by Darren Ormandy
Technical manager Bruce Teggart
Magic and special effects consultant Seamus Allen
Press and Publicity by Sasha Regan and The Union Theatre
Production photography by Peter Davis
Graphic and website Design by Clock
Assistant Production team: Stuart Slavicky, Emma Sylvester, Alexandra Clarke.

Photographs by Peter Davies and Stuart Slavicky

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