Tickets available for the 2017 London Jam!

new-logo-square-512The 2017 London Jam tickets are on sale, the acts are confirmed, we have one of the coolest venues in London – Wilton’s Music Hall – and everyone is raring to go. 

You can see in the website that it’s going to be a packed week, with stellar improvisers from Toronto, Edmonton, Oslo and the UK coming to give us their standalone shows, plus of course an influx of amazing people for the Improvathon

If you are new to the London Jam, it’s a week long festival of improvised comedy and theatre. On Monday, Tuesday and Thursday there are two shows on – we suggest you see them both…

On Wednesday we’ve got a rather special set of shows – The Ken Campbell Caper Competition. Ken was one of the big influences on theatrical impro in the UK – he was the creator of The School of Night (you might have seen its offspring Rhapsodes as well) and people from that went on to create Showstopper! The Improvised Musical.  

He loved mixing the anarchic fooling with the truly moving and great. That’s what the Caper Compeititon will be: competitive theatre games, between teams of improvisers – but not the usual Theatresports-style games. Instead, it will be much more about stirring speeches, displays of deep emotions, amazing dialogue, stunning stagecraft. That’s on Wednesday – two semi finals then the final – all in one night.

Browse the site at – and come and see what world-class impro can offer!


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