Terror 2005

Theatre of Horror and Grand Guignol. Plays, magic, cabaret and other oddities for the Halloween season.

In a climate where Terror has become ‘The Enemy’, rather than something inside all of us, we invite you to come and be terrorized.


‘A curate’s egg-box of horror. A smorgasboard of short, sharp shocks … reminds us that the Grand Guignol was a theatre born of realism and social satire.’

Time Out

‘If you are in two minds about how to celebrate Halloween, this portmanteau production of horror playlets from The Sticking Place ought to appeal … Full-bloodied Gothic … built up audience goodwill and enjoyably jangled their nerves.’

What’s On

‘Immensely successful … quite magnificent, the atmospheric venue decked out in white tiles and bloodstains to resemble a mix between a shower room and an abattoir … fine acting and wonderful set design.’

The Stage

The Premature Burial by Edgar Alan Poe

Adapted and directed by Adam Meggido

With Liam Smith

‘Directed with great skill by Adam Meggido. His adaptation of ‘The Premature Burial’ by Edgar Allan Poe casts the excellent Liam Smith as the gloomy cataleptic.’

Time Out

My Favourite Murder by Ambrose Bierce

Adapted by Jamie Stewart

With Jamie Bower, Jiggy Bhore, Angus Brown, Liam Smith and Haylie Long. Directed by Adam Meggido

‘Jamie Bower shines … a period piece which starts off in the style of a silent movie and descends into an hilarious and camp bloodbath, it really is the night’s clear highlight.’

The Stage

‘Massively imaginative.’

Time Out

‘Knockabout gallows humour.’

What’s On

‘A blinder … the audience was rolling in the aisles.’

Southwark News

The Red Room by HG Wells

Adapted and directed by Justin Butcher

With Rupert Mason

‘Highlight of the evening is The Red Room by HG Wells, an example of a subtly disturbing short story which eludes most of today’s horror writers … Rupert Mason makes a relishable hero/victim.’

What’s On

The Witch of Coos by Robert Frost

With Jiggy Bhore and Angus Brown Directed by Ben Nealon

‘Chillingly well performed.’

Southwark News

Hamburg Adapted and directed by Darren Ormandy
With Graham McTavish, Hester Evans, Richard Hollis, Sam Booth and Tristan Ives.

‘The most powerful piece … asks questions of our predisposition to horror.’

Time Out

‘Extremely moving.’

Southwark News


with Justin Mitchell Davey, Rosalind Porter, Scott Brooksbank. Directed by Matt Peover Assistant director Chris Moran Devised by the company.

‘Atmospheric and dark.’

The Stage

Terror 2005! also included:

The Monkey’s Paw by WW Jacobs

Adapted and directed by Marcus Daley

With Liam Smith, Haylie Long, Paul Shelford.

The End Of The Party by Graham Greene

Adapted by William Stewart

With Thomas McGairl Directed by Darren Ormandy

Workprint Written and performed by Sean McCann Directed by Jamie Bower

October 31st 20054 – TERROR 2005 Halloween Special Performance

Including The Society of Wonders presented by Scary Little Girls. Also featuring Lucinda Lloyd and Stephen Daltry Adam Meggido

Photographs by Terry Johnson

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