2008 Improvathon

The 2008 London Improvathon

A 50 Hour Non-Stop Improvised Soap Opera

The ultimate theatrical marathon. A company of 50 performers and musicians directed live by Canadian improv wizard Dana Andersen, whose ‘Die-Nasty’ troupe have performed weekly shows and annual 53-hour narratives for the past 17 years.

After 30 hours of sleepless improvisation, participants are reduced to their ‘lizard brain’ and can no longer censor themselves, resulting in an extraordinary and euphoric live performance.

The 2008 Improvathon (the first event of its kind in the UK) was set in a French Riviera Casino in the late 1960’s.

The action was entirely improvised and 17 performers went the whole 50 hours.

It was held at The People Show Studios, January 18th-20th 2008.

Production Shots

Cast shots – thanks to Gabrielle Motola and Georgie Clarke:


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